The IMET Team produces real-life medical device/procedure demonstrations with a truly immersive VR learning experience, allowing the learner to watch top doctors demonstrate your device/procedure in full 8K resolution. IMET will work to design the optimal immersive experience to demonstrate any medical device or procedure.


  • 360VR video is scalable to a wide set of distribution platforms and can be viewed on any computer, mobile device or smart phone
  • VR headsets are available at all price points
  • Take any VR immersive learning module, at any time, on any connected device
  • Any procedure or device training video can be reviewed without limit at any time
  • Can be repeated to increase knowledge retention and user confidence without additional cost


  • Interactive modules can be created to not just be a passive viewing experience but include customizable metadata layers that lets the viewer control their viewing experience.
  • Affective Learning – Increases confidence when learning new techniques.
  • Cognitive Learning – Deepens memory and retention capacity
  • The Immersive VR videos can be tailored for:
    • Physician/Resident/Fellow Training
    • Sales representative orientation and continuing education
    • Device Marketing and Promotion


  • Videos can be customized to include a range of augmented effects including:
      • Picture-in-picture screens showcasing additional camera views (e.g. surgeon POV, fluoroscopy)
      • 3D photo-realistic graphics of key elements of your device
  • Learner interactivity – Search options highlighting anatomy, specific device features and different phases or approaches of the procedure.